由數位經濟暨產業發展協會(DTA)與財團法人台灣網路資訊中心(TWNIC)所舉辦的「DTA-TWNIC產業創新趨勢研討會」將於2020年1月3日10:00-12:00於台北福華大飯店B2 福華廳 (台北市仁愛路三段160號)舉行,歡迎您報名參與。


主題 國際產業開放創新趨勢–以TM Forum Catalyst Program 為例
目的 Identify volunteers, partners for 2020 TM Forum Catalyst participation
主辦單位 數位經濟暨產業發展協會(DTA)、


講者 Jenny Huang
時間 2020年1月3日10:00-12:00
地點 台北福華大飯店B2 福華廳 (台北市仁愛路三段160號)


A Introduction of the TM Forum Catalyst Projects

Examples of prior award winning, multi-sectors (telecoms, healthcare, retails, manufactures, smart cities …) collaboration projects:
·       5G Enabled Remote Healthcare
·       Connected Citizens: Smart City Accelerator
·       Digital Business Marketplace


Proposals in 2020 and beyond – inspired by 2019 Taiwan Presidential Hackathon topics and Civil IoT Taiwan Implementations
·       Reimagine Agile Governance & Policy Setting for the 4th Industrial Revolution
·       Intelligent and Trusted Data4Good as a Service
Opportunities to work with partners such as Orange, NTT, the OPAL project and many more with latest technologies such as Blockchain, Smart Contract, AI/ML, IoT etc. As well as joint go-to-market opportunities in Asia, Middle East and Africa regions.

D Call for participation and logistics

About the TM Forum

TM Forum is the global industry association that drives collaboration and collective problem-solving to maximize the business success of communication and digital service providers and their ecosystem of suppliers.


About Catalyst Program

Catalysts are rapid-fire proof-of-concept projects developed collaboratively by TM Forum members that connect partners across digital ecosystems. These projects demonstrate innovative solutions to important industry challenges, leveraging key TM Forum best practices and standards. Catalyst projects are showcased at TM Forum’s flagship TM Forum events around the world. Many innovative commercially deployed solutions began life in the Catalyst program.


About the Speaker:

Jenny Huang is the co-founder and advisor of the International Free and Open Source Solutions Foundation (iFOSSF) Jenny is a charismatic strategic advisor and partnership development expert with extensive industry experience in the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) sector. She has expertise in working with corporations, governments and international alliances to establish advanced ICT standards and best practices. She also helps organizations to advance their social, economic and ecosystem development agenda by cultivating cross-sector collaboration with a focus on open standards and open source. Prior to iFOSSF, Jenny was with AT&T Standards and Industry Alliances Group as a Strategy Group Lead and Solution Architect for 20 years.

線上報名網址: https://event.twnic.net.tw/dta/


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