2021 / 06 / 03
Young people, especially those in the APAC region, face tremendous challenges when participating in ICANN for 2 major reasons: the time zone and the language.
2021 / 06 / 02
While it is easy to become a community member, it requires much more commitment and time to participate meaningfully.
2021 / 05 / 31
The Domain Name System (DNS) security part of the forum reinforced the importance of the shared responsibility that all actors bear in maintaining a secure and reliable Internet Infrastructure.
2021 / 05 / 27
Open policy meetings are gatherings that inspire participation, assess needs, and propose improvements to policies to better manage these essential addressing elements of the Internet.
2021 / 05 / 19
DNS abuse is no longer a new topic among the ICANN community, but it appears to continue to attract interest.
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