Day2-Plenary 5: TWIGF

Day2-Plenary 5: TWIGF

Plenary 5: TWIGF
Topic: Compliance through compulsion: The trend and impact of access restriction becoming a policy tool for compliance

Governments worldwide are pressuring Internet platforms and service providers to take on more responsibilities, such as taking down harmful or undesirable contents. To make these platforms or service providers comply, one of the policy tools leveraged by governments is access restriction, through measures such as Domain Name System Response Policy Zone (DNS RPZ) or IP address-based blocking. This trend of embodying access restriction into relevant regulations has created a tricky situation for tech companies, as they must balance (often cross-jurisdictional) compliance against preserving freedom of expression. How does regulatory designs diffuse across the world? How would network infrastructure operators and tech companies respond to these regulations? And how would that impact society at large?


  • Kenny Huang, Chairman and CEO, TWNIC


  • Nenden Sekar Arum, SAFEnet head of freedom of expression division
  • Yi-Feng Huang, General Counsel of ICT Industry Policy & Law Center, TCA
  • Charles Mok, Former member of Legislative Council of Hong Kong | Visiting Scholar, Stanford Cyber Policy Center
  • Kuo-Wei Wu, Chairperson of the Board, TWIGF


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