ICANN APAC-TWNIC Engagement Forum Silver Sponsor: Far EasTone Telecommunications

TWNIC would like to express gratitude toward Far EasTone Telecommunications’ sponsorship of the 4th ICANN APAC-TWNIC Engagement Forum

Closing the Distance. For Every Thought, We Go Further

Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) is a leading company in Taiwan which provides telecommunications and digital application services. Since its establishment in 1997, FET has strived to close the gap between people to achieve the objective of “Closing the distance”. As the 5G era approaches, FET has set its sights beyond telecommunications and has reinterpreted the brand statement in 2019, setting a new milestone with ” For Every Thought, We Go Further”. FET’s aim is, through Big Data, AI, IoT and other digital applications, to not only bring people closer together in mind, also to reduce the gap between people and new technology.

Equipped with 5G Top Speed, FET Pioneers in the Field of IoT

Since its establishment in 1997, FET has continued to introduce new products and services utilizing access technologies, including 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi. As the popularity of smart devices grows rapidly, FET is investing heavily in the improvement of internet infrastructure, actively enhancing the speed and quality of mobile networks, upgrading base stations, and expanding the channel range.

2016 marks FET’s official launched 4.5G mobile internet service as the first telecom operator in Asia to offer triple bandwidth of 700 / 1800 / 2600 MHz, followed with the operation of the 2100 MHz bandwidth in 2018. FET’s integration of the 3-band network and leadership in ushering the 4.5G era can provide consumers with a fast and stable network through 4-band carrier aggregation technology. FET’s network quality has not only received many various awards from third-party institutions but was also listed as the fastest mobile network provider in Taiwan, according to Taiwan’s 2017 SPEEDTEST Awards.

Gearing up for the next mobile era, FET has collaborated with the telecom equipment giant Ericsson to establish the first 5G Lab in Taiwan.In 2018, FET announced the establishment of the “FET 5G Pioneer Team,” the first in Taiwan to drive development of 5G connected vehicle technologies and ecosystem in Taiwan. In the future, it will further take on the challenge of reaching the fastest network speed with 4-band dual technology. We will also continue to develop IoT applications and polish our mobile services to become the preferred partner in the digital life and pave a solid path forward to the future of 5G roll-out.

Companies such as New Century InfoComm Tech, Arcoa, Data Express, Q-Ware Systems, and Yuan Shi Digital Technology were established by FET in order to further connect the upper and lower streams of the ICT industry. FET is a member of Conexus Mobile Alliance, and partners with major international telecom company Vodafone, crossing the barriers between different continents and closing the distance between people.

FET Digital Sub-brand friDay Provides Consumers the Lifestyle of Comfort and Convenience

In 2014, FET launched its digital brand “friDay,” which insists on becoming the best partner for consumers through creativity and innovation. Services under the brand includes “friDay Video,” “friDay Shopping, ” “friDay Music,” “friDay Photobook,” and other smart life application services. friDay’s successful integration service fulfills consumers’ needs in different areas of life by linking together mobilized innovative application with big data analysis and has thus created a comprehensive smart service that allows the lives of consumers to become even more digitalized and mobilized.

Promote Smart Life through the Deployment of Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure

FET continues to improve its Internet infrastructure, strengthen vertical integration of the ICT industry, and utilizes big data analysis to customize more flexible, more comprehensive and secure enterprise cloud services for the business community. Looking forward, FET is committed to use Taiwan as a hub and continuing to expand business in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, America, as well as New Zealand and Australia, with the goal of improving the quality of telecommunications services and the services of communication platforms. FET will continue to make big strides towards developing applications for smart living, smart business and smart city.

Putting Customers First, FET Provides Omni-channel Seamless Services

In concordance with its 360 degree store service initiative, FET has also introduced services such as ten-point satisfaction and ten-point commitment, pre-ordered services, home pick-up and repairing services for platinum members and automatic payment kiosks at stores, Red Box, appraising the value of and buying back old phones, continuing to improve customer satisfaction levels. FET strives hard to make customers give a smile of satisfaction and its efforts have won wide approbation.

FET launched “FET Self-Care App” to cater to the digital lifestyle of the mobile generation. This one-stop Online to Offline (O2O) service provides customers access to a wide variety of services and have won huge acclaims. It has also been awarded “Best Customer Care”in Asia Communication Awards and Silver in the category of “Best Omni-channel Experience,” Bronze in the category of “Best Customer Communication” in Business Next Magazine’s “Future Commerce Award.

Establishing Sustainable Growth Strategy, FET Builds to Last

In FET’s 2015 Integrated Report, which is the first of its kind in Taiwan, we identified specific goals as our sustainability principles. A mid to long term sustainability strategic blueprint has been formulated with the goals of Go Prosperous, Go Innovative, Go Caring, Go Inclusive, and Go Eco as its main core beliefs. It is our goal that these principles will stimulate our innovative services and applications and drive financial growth. It is also our goal to benefit all stakeholders and facilitate social integration through the practice of these principles. We are determined to achieve FET’s Vision: FET Connects and Enriches Life.

Corporate Governance Widely Recognized Globally and Locally

FET understands that maintaining a transparent and close communication channel and realizing corporate governance are the only ways to ensure business success. The high level of information disclosure in FET has earned recognition numerous times and accolades from the market, investors, and professional organizations home and abroad.

FET also receives recognition from reputable financial media around the world, including Financial Asia, Corporate Governance Asia, The Asset, and the Institutional Investor Award. FET was listed as an index component in Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index for the third time in consecutive years. FET also received the highest ranking A++ in Listed Companies Evaluation, and was ranked top 5% in Corporate Governance Evaluation conducted by TWSE (Taiwan Stock Exchange) for the fourth consecutive year.

Contribute to the Society, FET Practices Corporate Social Responsibility

FET works accordingly towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as its main CSR blueprint, especially on promoting quality education, combating social issues, and maintaining a more sustainable environment. For example, FET continues to focus on climate change and energy management topics through its “Corporate Sustainable Value Chain,” decreasing carbon emissions among ICT industries. FET also encourages the public to become more environmentally aware for the earth through its ongoing “Cherish the Earth, Spread Love Far” campaign.

In the social issues aspect, FET mainly focuses on promoting quality education for children, especially in remote places. For example, FET volunteers introduced the mobile learning APP “PaGamO” through the Cloud Education technology, as it offers educational games and multiple exam questions to schoolchildren. It is a fun way to learn new knowledge that intertwines modern technology. Collaboration with the Child Welfare League Foundation was conducted by fundraising among the various store channels to help raise resources for the care of adopted and abandoned children.

FET also puts its communication expertise into good use and takes on its social responsibilities after major disasters by initiating donation campaigns, sending out volunteer groups, relocating and reconstructing schools, and establishing emergency relief platforms to assist disaster-struck victims and children.

FET has won many CSR related awards, such as winning the CommonWealth Magazine’s Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award. FET also received awards such as the Global views Monthly’s Annual CSR Survey-Service Section Award and Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards’ ” Most Prestigious Sustainability Award – Top Ten Domestic Corporates.” All demonstrated FET’s dedication and results to fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility.


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