TWNIC Publishes the Results of Stakeholder Survey 2023

The survey website:

Despite the improving pandemic situation  in 2023, we continue to face ever-changing external challenges. This study aims to understand how the Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) adjusted accordingly to keep up with these changes and fulfill its core objectives. This includes providing registration information, databases, promotion, education, training, and other services, all while upholding the spirit of neutrality and mutual assistance in sharing network resources; promoting collaboration and exchanges with international network organizations, as well as facilitating the promotion of network applications in different industries, integrated information services; and create outstanding network technology services. The report analyzes the annual performance of TWNIC by gaining insight into the level of satisfaction of the stakeholders, using the opinions raised by stakeholders as a guideline for the future development efforts.

The survey results indicate that domain name registration agencies and IP address allocation agencies are highly satisfied with the services provided by TWNIC. Users express a high level of trust and recognizing the service values, and the satisfaction with service quality and technical support are also high and stable. This could be attributed to the active response to various needs of stakeholders and close partnership with society, government, and the international online community. In particular, the center has been commended for its interaction, solutions, and technical problem feedback. Amid the uncertainties in the post-pandemic era, TWNIC still managed to carry out its responsibilities and services successfully as a non-profit organization while meeting the expectations of its partnering organizations.

During the interview, various stakeholders acknowledge the leadership of TWNIC in Taiwan’s network environment, earning positive reviews on service interactions in core businesses such as domain registration management and IP address allocation. They also look forward to continuing to optimize various service support, as the TWCERT/CC will undergo organizational changes in the near future, remaining a strong support and driving force of Taiwan’s network development.

In general, the four major service orientations that can be extended by TWNIC and TWCERT/CC in the future are summarized below:

  1. Optimizing service interaction and technical support

According to the survey results, TWNIC has demonstrated profound familiarity and expertise in collaboration with private enterprises, government, and international organizations. In aspects such as service interaction and technical support, TWNIC has exhibited remarkable performance and earned favorable impressions. In particular, the review committee established internally this year has set up a credible management system for the service fee of IP address allocation, which has garnered widespread acclaim. Continuous optimization of the operational interface and system stability will further elevate the service value, to accommodate increasing needs and expectations, as well as building a firm foundation for future development.

  1. Continuing to build public trust in .tw

TWNIC’s management and promotion of the “.tw” domain name has been exemplary, with most users demonstrating a high level of trust in the “.tw” domain name, indicating TWNIC’s success in promoting its value and maintaining system stability. The local recognition and brand identity of the “.tw” domain name is among its primary advantages, fostering greater trust among the corporate domain name registrants. Moreover, enhancing the visibility of “.tw” along with security and technical support would improve user confidence in TWNIC services, as well as elevating the impact of the “.tw” domain name at home and abroad.

  1. Engage in international network communities to enhance international visibility

Amid the complex and changing international political situation, TWNIC has actively engaged in global discussion and collaborations through the internet governance community with a multi-stakeholder model, while maintaining active presence in the international internet community despite the geopolitical challenges, thereby earning accolades from international organizations. The international organizations stakeholders have particularly commended TWNIC’s active approach in navigating geopolitical issues and expressed their expectation for TWNIC to extend further assistance to other countries on the international stage. While this endeavor might entail increased costs, it simultaneously boosts TWNIC’s significance and clarifies Taiwan’s role in the international arena.

  1. Active information integration and promotion of network services

Over the past few years, facing the challenges of the pandemic, TWNIC has hosted a series of hybrid events, integrating online and offline platforms. Utilizing the convenience of remote conferencing, TWNIC was able to invite international speakers, thereby present diverse conference themes and contents. This approach has garnered widespread acclaim for TWNIC’s event organizing capabilities. Looking ahead, TWNIC could plan to keep sharing valuable information and insights through workshops and seminars on topics like the value of “.tw” domain name, domain name management, cybersecurity training and promoting cybersecurity awareness. By combining these efforts with regular updates on their website and in newsletters, TWNIC is committed to playing a key role in driving Taiwan’s internet development forward.

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