ICANN APAC-TWNIC Engagement Forum Gold Sponsor: Chief Telecom

TWNIC would like to express gratitude toward Chief Telecom’s sponsorship of the 4th ICANN APAC-TWNIC Engagement Forum

Established in 1991, Chief Telecom became an affiliate of Chunghwa Telecom in 2006, and officially listed at Taipei Exchange (TPEx) in 2018 (TWSE: 6561). In recent years, Chief Telecom has acquired ISO 27001, ISO 27011, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018 certifications and became the first Telecom provider in Taiwan to pass Data Centre Operations Standard-4 (DCOS-4).

In 2022, Chief Telecom has successfully passed the certification of 2021 annual Sustainability Report and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission inventory, demonstrating that the indices such as economic, social, environmental performance, and corporate governance of 2021 disclosed in the ESG report are presented complete and accurate. In addition to the Sustainability Report, in order to be in line with the latest global trends and fulfill its corporate social responsibilities, Chief Telecom’s IDC buildings and office building have completed GHG emission inventory verification and obtained ISO 14064-1 certification that helps control GHG emissions and put forward feasible plans for GHG emission reduction so as to keep on track toward energy saving and carbon reduction.

The main business of Chief Telecom includes IDC, cloud applications, data, exchange centers and voice services. It provides one-stop ICT solutions to allow enterprises to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals.

Based on the advantages of its carrier-neutral IDC and the customer clustering effect, Chief Telecom established TPIX (Taipei Internet eXchange), TPCX (Taipei submarine Cable eXchange) and TPVX (Taipei Voice eXchange), and successfully attracted international and domestic telecom providers, submarine cable operators, ICPs, cloud application providers, internationally renowned social media and enterprise customers here. Chief Telecom’s TPIX, which is certified as Level 2 National Critical Infrastructure, is the largest internet exchange center in Taiwan in terms of its members and traffic volume, connecting the major internet exchange centers and service providers at home and abroad.

TPIX is an important platform for international and domestic ISP, ICP and CDN providers to exchange traffic; in addition, it does not only significantly reduce the traffic exchange cost and connection time among members, but also greatly improve the operation efficiency. In summary, TPIX can be marked as the most important internet exchange hub and ecosystem in Taiwan.

For the enterprises who want to have stable connection to the public cloud, CCX (Chief Cloud eXchange) is definitely a high-speed gateway for them to deliver services from AWS, Azure, and Google cloud.

Chief Telecom has a variety of submarine cable backbones and PoPs across ASEAN countries, providing customers from different industries with a full range of networking services through single point of contact; fast deployment, flexible bandwidth adjustment, local internet access, public cloud exchange and other value-added services to enable customers to focus on their core business and create more profits.


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