Day1-Plenary 1: High-Level Opening Panel Discussion中文口譯

Day1-Plenary 1: High-Level Opening Panel Discussion中文口譯

Plenary 1: High-Level Opening Panel Discussion
Topic: Maintaining an Interoperable Internet– Challenges and Opportunities

This session will discuss the current state of the Internet’s interoperable functioning, and potential impacts from technical infrastructure, regulatory, and commercial developments. Speakers will share their views on the topic of “Internet Fragmentation” or the “Splinternet”, as well as potential challenges and opportunities for maintaining a global, interoperable Internet.


—Kenny Huang, Chairman and CEO, TWNIC

—Nicole T. I. Chan, Former Chairperson, National Communications Commission, Taiwan | ICANN ASO/ AC | Vice Chairperson, Digital Transformation Association
—Josh Kallmer, Head of Global Public Policy and Government Relations, Zoom Video Communications, Inc.
—May-Ann Lim, Director of Fair Tech Institute, Access Partnership
—Jia-Rong Low, Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement and Managing Director, APAC, ICANN
—Paul Wilson, Director General, APNIC


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