Internet Governance – Advancing the Internet’s standards

Chief Executive Officer, TWNIC

TWNIC has an obligation – as a key member of the Internet Governance community – to adopt and promote modern technical standards, which mitigate cyber threats and ensure the Internet can be sustained in the long run.

The Internet drives technological progress, economic and social development. It has changed almost everyday life. The Internet has turned 50 years old. There is no doubt that it has revolutionized over the past five decades. Today’s Internet in terms of scale and complexity is completely different compared to 50 years ago. In addition to the rapid changes in its innovations, the network standards bodies have set many new technical standards to improve the Internet.

The Internet can be seen as the network of networks. The massive network can be integrated because of open Internet standards. The open standards provide network interoperability and secure data delivery from source to destination. The technical standards have been evolved from time to time. Modern technical standards can solve old vulnerabilities or advance innovations. Both are equally important to move the Internet forward. Internet governance organizations, such as ICANN, RIRs, IETF, gTLD/ccTLD registries, etc., who have fiduciary duties, should promote modern Internet standards.

The Internet is experiencing increased cyber-attacks today. Cyber-attacks rising in volume and sophistication capture illicit opportunities. The Internet has become an increasingly hostile environment. Adopting modern Internet standards will be a critical move to mitigate cyber threats and to ensure the Internet can be sustained in the long run.

TWNIC is the key stakeholder in the Internet communities. TWNIC has an obligation to promote modern technical standards. In this regard, TWNIC takes the leadership to promote IPv6 adoption and RPKI RoA deployment in Taiwan. TWNIC is also engaged in various technical initiatives, such as ICANN’s DAAR and ITHI project, Internet Society’s MANRS initiative, etc., making our best effort to advance the Internet infrastructure with these modern technical standards.

From individual commitment to group effort, that is what makes the Internet community work. By doing so, wonderful things can be achieved, and the fruitful outcome will benefit the global Internet communities.

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