2017 Taiwan Internet Forum on Internet Trends

From December 12-15, 2017, the Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) held 2017 Taiwan Internet Forum to discuss Internet trends. This forum was a joint event with 2017 Global IPv6 Summit in Taiwan, 29th TWNIC IP Open Policy Meeting, 2017 TWNOG, 2017 Network Security Seminar, and 2017 Taiwan Youth Internet Forum.

On 2017 Global IPv6 Summit in Taiwan, the agenda discussed Internet trends and IPv6 development from different perspectives. At the beginning of the summit, Ting-I Chan, the Chairperson of National Communications Commission (NCC) gave remarks at the opening ceremony. NCC has been the competent authority of TWNIC since this October.

In the opening remarks of the Chairperson Chan, she stated that NCC will continuously not only assist in Taiwan Internet environment preparation for future Internet trends, Internet governance, and international cooperation in Taiwan, but also promote digital transformation and economics paradigm shift with broadband Internet infrastructure as well.

Then, Kuo-Feng Lin, the Executive Vice President of Chunghwa Telecom, and Philip Tseng, the Executive Vice President of Far Eastone, gave keynote speeches and shared their insights about the challenges and opportunities of Internet of Things, AI, and 5G development in Taiwan with the participants.

Following the keynote speeches, on the session of Global IPv6 Development, panelists from Japan and Australia shared the strategies for the development and deployment of IPv6 in their countries. Representatives from governmental agencies and ISPs exchanged their point of views on the following session of IPv6 Upgrade in Taiwan. In the session of Innovations and Applications on the Internet of Things, Cloud, and Big Data, representatives from the Internet-related industries discussed technologies and applications such as smart homes and cloud computing.

On the second day, the representatives from NCC, ISPs, and organizations in the related fields as panelists discussed the industrial innovations in nextgeneration telecommunication management. During 2017 TWNOG,  representatives from domestic and international Internet-related industries and Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) shared their experiences regarding IPv4 address transfer management and IPv6 management.

In Trend of Global Domain Name Development session on the third day, representatives from domain name registrars exchanged point of views on the future development of global domain names. Also, representatives from governmental agencies and legal field presented their analysis of influence of domain names on brands and intellectual properties from a legal perspective.

In the afternoon, during the 2017 Taiwan Youth Internet Forum, members from the Taiwan Youth Internet Forum discussed about the impact of Internet on modern society from the younger generation’s perspectives with scholars and representatives from related industries.

On the last day, during 2017 Network Security Seminar—Smart Security for Internet, experts from governmental agencies and well-known domestic and foreign Internet technology companies discussed about the cyber security threats resulting from future new technologies and the possible preventions, drawing a perfect closure for this 4-day forum.

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