ICANN APAC TWNIC Engagement Forum ICANN Policies

ICANN APAC TWNIC Engagement Forum ICANN Policies


The ICANN APAC-TWNIC Engagement Forum is a joint effort of the two Internet organizations to bring the stakeholders of the Internet together with the local and international communities to share and discuss the latest topics on Internet policies, domain name, IP address allocation, and cybersecurity. It is the best chance to meet, discuss and share your opinions on the latest issues and know the stakeholders in Taiwan.

It is also our goal to establish a platform for the communities to ignite the discussions from a variety of aspects of stakeholders and to keep pace with dynamic technologies and rapid innovation. With our goal “One World. One Internet.”, facilitating we work together, discuss together, connect together under the global community as One.

We need you to participate and voice out for the One Internet!

ICANN 及TWNIC共同舉辦合作交流論壇 (ICANN APAC-TWNIC Engagement Forum),集合了網路相關利害關係人與國際相關網路社群,針對域名、IP位址及網路安全等主題,進行深入議題探討,這將是台灣與國際網路利害關係人共同面對面討論全球網路議題的最佳機會。

ICANN 及TWNIC建立論壇平台的目的,是讓地區內之網路相關利害關係人,可在「一個世界、一個網路」的目標下,以合作交流論壇建立一個共同合作、討論與鏈結的全球網路社群。



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