D2 How to be a member of ICANN stakeholders

D2 How to be a member of ICANN stakeholders


How to be a member of ICANN stakeholders

“Multi-stakeholders” mechanism is embedded in ICANN foundation, from bylaw to its operation. Basically, ICANN is dealing with those issues related to IP address policy, domain names’ policy and root server coordination. From such scope, any communities play their roles to develop global policy to fulfill the internet operation. In this session, a short briefing about stakeholders’ constituencies will be given (20 minutes), then we will invite some members to share their experiences.

Panel Chair: Kuo-Wei Wu, Chairman, TWIGF


  • Nicole Chan, Vice Chairperson, Digital Transformation Association (ASO)
  • Morris Lin, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (GAC)
  • Joy Chan, Deputy CEO, TWNIC
  • Manju Chen, Assistant Manager, NIIEPA (GNSO)
  • Akinori Maemura, ICANN Board
  • Mary Wong, VP for Strategic Community Operations, Planning & Engagement (Policy Development Support), ICANN org


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