D1 High Level Opening Plenary

D1 High Level Opening Plenary


This session aims to introduce and discuss the high-level topics that will be touched upon during the Forum:

  • The state of cybersecurity and its challenges, including technology, legislation/regulation, cross-border jurisdiction etc.
  • Best practices: Cybernorms, abuse prevention and handling
  • A shared responsibility: Why DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) and Resource Public Key Infrastructure matter

Moderator: Kenny Huang, Member of the Board and CEO, TWNIC


  • Adiel Akplogan, Technical Engagement VP, ICANN
  • Edmon Chung, CEO, DotAsia
  • George Michaelson, Senior Research and Development Scientist, APNIC
  • Milton Mueller, Professor, School of Public Policy at the Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Katrina Sataki, CEO of NIC.lv


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