3rd ICANN APAC-TWNIC Engagement Forum-Day2

3rd ICANN APAC-TWNIC Engagement Forum-Day2

5:31 Day 2 Opening–Kenny Huang, CEO and Board of Director, TWNIC

8:09 Plenary 2: IP Addresses

1:53:12 Plenary 3: Domain Name

3:25:29 Plenary 4: Security

4:47:40 Plenary 5: TWIGF

6:07:22 Plenary 6: TWSIG

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a global non-governmental non-profit organization responsible for ensuring the stable and secure operation of the Internet’s system of unique identifiers domain names, IP addresses and root server, taking responsibility for coordinating the Unique Identifiers and securing stable interoperation of the global networks.Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC), as a part of the global Internet ecosystem, hopes to establish a policy forum focusing mainly on domain names and IP related issues from the global network architecture. With the same mission and core values for ICANN and TWNIC aiming to establish a policy discussion platform with a structural viewpoint on both regional and Taiwan’s Internet environment to further explore the policy, technology and interoperation with stakeholders’ perspectives.3rd ICANN APAC-TWNIC Engagement Forum is also with 37th TWNIC IP Open Policy Meeting as a parallel meeting with ICANN APAC. The IP OPM will provide great opportunities to the participants for the communication on the network technology research and industry development. It also brings together the opinions of various ISPs in Taiwan to provide relevant IP policies and management mechanisms.


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