Day1-IP OPM : Operational Technology SIG

Day1-IP OPM : Operational Technology SIG

IP OPM : Operational Technology SIG
Topics: The Development of Operational Technology

The Operational Technology SIG is a community of professionals and network operators working in the field of operational technology in Taiwan. The group is focused on promoting the advancement of technology in support of operational efficiency and effectiveness.
Members of the SIG work collaboratively on initiatives related to the implementation,management, and security of operational technology systems,including hardware, software, and infrastructure.
The Operational Technology SIG plays a crucial role in ensuring the effective operation of network and systems and in advancing the use of technology to improve network operational performance and service delivery.


  • Tom Koh, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Taiwan Mobile


  • Jeff Hong, Product manager, Chief Telecom
  • Grace Lee, Principal Engineer, NARLabs, NCHC


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