Day1-IP OPM: Cyber Security SIG

Day1-IP OPM: Cyber Security SIG

IP OPM: Cyber Security SIG
Both public and private sectors from business and government are increasingly exposing each other to an expanding range of cyber-risks. However, based on current efforts to cybersecurity resources are limited in scope. Thus, this workshop will focus on what, how, and when the collaboration will be facilitated by business and government as well as share the tactics, practices, and case-studies of cyber security events and vulnerabilities handling.


    • Wei-Chung Teng, Chairman of CSIE, NTUST


  • Jamie Gillespie, Senior Internet Security Specialist, APNIC
  • Jia-Rong Low, Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement and Managing Director, APAC, ICANN
  • Takayuki Uchiyama, Product Security Center, Panasonic Holdings Company
  • Dr. Benson Wu, Founder, Cycraft


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