Day1-IP OPM: Cooperation SIG

Day1-IP OPM: Cooperation SIG

IP OPM: Cooperation SIG
Topics: Data Privacy, Security and Beyond

A unique opportunity for participants to learn from each other about the most pressing challenges in today’s internet world.
We will discuss content filtering and censorship, what are some approach different countries do to censor or filter certain types of online content, the concerns and impact on freedom of speech and privacy.
Data privacy and security: Different organizations are required to collect, store and processing large amounts of sensitive personal data, which raises concerns about privacy and data security issue.


—Joy Chan, Deputy CEO, TWNIC

—Jamie Gillespie, Senior Internet Security Specialist, APNIC
—Maria Cecilia Soria, Head, Regulatory and Case Management, PLDT Privacy Office
—Henry Tsai, Division-Chief Judge, Taiwan Shilin District Court
—Ken-Ying Tseng, Partner, Lee and Li, Attorneys At Law
—Akinori Maemura, Chief Policy Officer, JPNIC


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