TWNIC Publishes the Results of Stakeholder Survey 2022

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As Taiwan enters the postpandemic era in 2022, the Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) has adjusted and improved its services to meet its annual core objectives, namely to provide access to registration information, databases, promotion initiatives, and education training while remaining neutral and championing the spirit of mutual assistance and network resource sharing. The TWNIC has also enhanced the cyber security, response, and recovery capability of Taiwan, provided highquality network technology services, and trained numerous domestic cyber security personnel. This report used the satisfaction of stakeholders to analyze the annual performance of the TWNIC, and utilized the opinions of stakeholders as a reference for future development and projects.

The results of the adjustments demonstrated that the domain name registrars, internet protocol agents, and governmental institutions were all satisfied with the services provided by the TWNIC and the Taiwan Computer Emergency Response Team and Coordination Center (TWCERT/CC). The stakeholders had a high level of trust in and highly approval of the service value, and their satisfaction with the service quality and technical support provided to them remained high and stable. The reason is because the TWNIC has always actively responded to their demands and maintained close cooperation with society, the government, and international network communities. The stakeholders were particularly satisfied with the TWNIC’s interaction, solutions, and feedback on problems. The TWNIC remains a nonprofit organization amid the uncertainties of the postpandemic era and responsibly and successfully fulfills its role to meet the expectations of the institutions that it services.

During the interview, the topic of cyber security was often mentioned, including references to the data security of personal mobile phones, computers, and internet banking, and network links between selfdriving cars, smart home appliances, and online or offline transaction devices. Cyber security requires a more robust protection system. Domestic and international industries have been engaging in digital transformation since 5G, AI, and AIoT have begun to be extensively applied in different sectors. In general, the interviewees approved of the work of the TWNIC and TWCERT/CC, because they protect the cyber security of people using the internet in their everyday lives. The TWCERT/CC has continued to monitor the latest cyber threats and attacks, update cyber security reports and coordination services, enhance their international cyber security and intelligence report system, and compile and analyze intelligence from domestic and international cyber security organizations. These efforts have substantially improved the cyber security defense capability of Taiwan.

For more information, check the survey website:
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