TWNIC 2020 Annual Report

Internet governance requires various stakeholders—including the government, academia, the technology community, civil society, and private enterprises—to participate in relevant discussion and policy development. The Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) is the registry responsible for “. tw/.台灣” domain name and IP address allocation. Given the expertise of the TWNIC in this field as well as the competence of the Taiwan Computer Emergency Response Team/Coordination Center (TWCERT/CC ) in information security, both centers have consistently been involved in cutting edge collaboration with Taiwanese online communities.

The TWNIC strives to provide services to relevant stakeholders and improve Taiwan’s Internet space. The multistakeholder model of Internet governance, a decision-making model that is highly regarded by the international online communities, is promoted by the TWNIC. The TWNIC endeavors to continually exchange opinions with relevant stakeholders, gain an understanding of the stakeholders’ needs, and adopt this knowledge as the direction for future improvement. In doing so, the TWNIC considers and respects the opinions of all stakeholders in maintaining the stability and safety of the network space.

TWNIC 2020 Annual Report
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