Taiwan RPKI Day event will be held on September 28

TWNIC will hold the Taiwan RPKI Day event at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on September 28, 2020. It is the second anniversary of the official signing of TWNIC RPKI CA (Certificate Authority) with APNIC CA. TWNIC IP members can validate route origin in router by setting ROA (Routing Origin Authorization) to reduce routing errors, prevent route hijacking, and help route security. TWNIC also provides verification services for route origin such as Validator and RRDP.

Why should ISP participate in Taiwan RPKI Day? The reasons are shown in the following.

  • Join a 24-hour connection testing opportunity for RPKI and Validator.
  • Find RPKI interoperability problems through large-scale trial.
  • Establish the operation experience in RPKI setup for IT staffs.
  • Show the company’s vitality and technological leadership by participating in the event.
  • The organizer can provide technical assistance for RPKI-related issues.
  •  Share RPKI technical experience and test results with others.

 This event includes the two-year anniversary of TWNIC RPKI CA signing with APNIC and the launch ceremony of the Validator service to promote the RPKI service. It is hoped that more IP members will activate the RPKI function of the routers and connect to the TWNIC Validator server after the RPKI Day experience, and jointly strengthen network security.

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