Certification to BS 10012 Personal Information Management System

Considering the importance of personal information protection regarding the .tw/.台灣 domain name registration and related business, TWNIC introduced the Personal Information Management System (PIMS) to the provision of customer personal information management including collection, processing, and using of domain name registration, training and conference services.

Over the past six months, TWNIC introduced the PIMS, established related code of conduct and procedures, inventoried previously collected personal information, assessed the risks, implemented the newly established operating procedures, and improved previous operating procedures to conform to the personal informationrelated laws. TWNIC has been audited by the external auditor British Standards Institution (BSI) regarding the international standards for personal information protection (BS 10012: 2009). After passing the firststage paper review on May 11, 2017 and the secondstage on-site audit on May 23, 2017, TWNIC was certified to BS 10012: 2009 for the PIMS.

TWNIC has obtained ISO9001, ISO27001, and BS10012 certifications and therefore is now the first national information center in the world that features an integrated management system comprising information security management, quality management, and personal information protection system. TWNIC has long been dedicated to the .tw/.台灣 domain name resolution services and registration management and has achieved excellent outcomes. TWNIC is expected to provide Internet users in Taiwan the most friendly and high-quality Internet and domain name environment through the domain name registration service and information security and personal information risk management in line with the international standards.

Through the standardized management systems of ISO9001, ISO27001, and BS10012, various information processing procedures have been integrated, and potential risks have been alleviated. Seeking to provide the best environment for domestic network industries, TWNIC focuses on both technology and business and continues to dedicate itself to providing high-standard and high-quality services.

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