Taiwan Internet Connectivity Bandwidth Survey Q3 2017

The latest Taiwan Internet Connectivity Bandwidth Survey conducted by the TWNIC revealed that, as of the end of September 2017, the total international bandwidth of Taiwan was 2,236,846 Mbps, an increase of 54,483 Mbps compared with that in the previous quarter. This survey demonstrated that the connectivity bandwidth from Taiwan to foreign countries/regions steadily increased over this period.

The TWNIC regularly conducts  Internetrelated surveys, and the Taiwan Internet Connectivity Bandwidth Survey provides the latest and most detailed data and trends of domestic and international Internet connectivity.

As of the end of September 2017, Taiwan had Internet connections with 12 countries/regions. The United States accounted for the most international bandwidth traffic at a rate of 1,188,299 Mbps, followed by Japan (416,268 Mbps), Hong Kong (348,138 Mbps), China (189,927 Mbps), and Singapore (43,328 Mbps).

Overall, most of the countries connecting to the Taiwan Internet were in the Asia Pacific region, except for the United States, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. The top three Internet service providers that conduct the international Internet bandwidth were as follows: HiNet, NCIC, and NTT.

For detailed data from this survey, please go to http://map.twnic.net.tw

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