ASO(Address Supporting Organization,位址支援組織)

ASO的主要功能為確保全球5個RIR均正確遵循全球政策制定流程(Global Policy Development Process,GPDP),以及向ICANN董事會提出IP位址相關的政策建議。根據ICANN與RIR之間的《ICANN ASO瞭解備忘錄》,由號碼資源組織(Number Resources Organization,NRO)負責履行ASO的職責。

  • The ASO does not develop policy relating to Internet number resources itself but rather ensures that the Global Policy Development Process (GPDP) has been correctly followed in each RIR region.
  • The ASO’s purpose is to review and develop recommendations on Internet Protocol (IP) address policy and to advise the ICANN Board on policy issues relating to the operation, assignment, and management of IP addresses.
  • The ASO was established in 1999. As per the ICANN ASO Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between ICANN and the world’s five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), the Number Resource Organization (NRO), as the coordinating body for the RIRs, fulfils the role of the ASO.


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檢自: (Jan. 22 , 2022)

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